Thursday, March 22, 2012

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teenage Love..

     When we speak about teenage love there are more disadvantages than the advantages.Since teenagers are not matured enough,they lack the qualities like mutual understanding,bearing the responsibility and facing the challenges.
         Some of disadvantages it becomes a barrier to their education,it breaks down the relationship between the parents and them.And also they are unable to serve their society and country as responsible citizens.Most of the time these love affairs do not last for a long time,as a result they destroy themselves by committing suicide,committing murders etc..
          However this is always not the same  there are teenagers who make their love a bless and make their future successful and achieve their goals.


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  2. Mostly teenage love is nt based on mutual understanding , but physical attraction.Thtz y it should b discussed in public...for the betterment of themselves....nice attempt!!!!!

  3. Taeenage love is really messes our head and all.. Dosent it, love is a felling that u came across which tells u some one is u're life and ,the life is imcomplete without him or her,,,,,, . It is very important to say there both good and bad as u say........ It's a trend today to say '' . I have fallen in love'' ,'' . I have a girlfriend'''' so and so .... Thank's u lot for u're attemt to make teenagers mind good....... Goooood